Roger Czerneda Photography & Graphic Design

Did You Know

A small print can be digitized, enhanced, and then printed much larger than the original. If you need help please contact me.

Tip for better photo's

Try using an off the camera flash or two for a much more interesting photograph of such things as gaming figures, flowers, coins, etc.


  • Products / Business
  • Architecture
  • Real Estate

People at work or play

  • At the office
  • Sports
  • Costuming etc.

Restoration / Retouch / Repair

  • Repair old photographs that are damaged
  • Remove or add objects or people
  • Colour or Black & White conversion
  • Restore the look of old and/or faded photograph


  • Scanning - Photographs, slides, documents
  • Photographing - large documents or objects that won't fit into a scanner.
Contact for further information and quotations.